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When are practices and games?


How are the teams divided?

There will be 5 divisions grouped by children's age as of November 30th

The "PEANUTS" Division is for boys and girls 5 and 6 yrs. old

The "PEE WEE" Division is for boys and girls 7 and 8 yrs. old 

The "MIDGETS" Division is for boys and girls 9 and 10 yrs. old 

The "PONIES" Division is for boys and girls 11 and 12 yrs. old

The "SENIOR" Division is for boys and girls 13 and 14 yrs. old 

Teams typically have 17-22 players per team.

Are there any weight restrictions?


                                                                                   Initial Weight          1st Game               Oct 1st             Nov 1st

                 PEANUTS         ages       5&6                      85 lbs                   88 lbs                88 lbs               88 lbs  

                 PEE-WEE’S      ages       7&8                     105lbs                  108 lbs              110 lbs            112 lbs

                 MIDGETS          ages       9&10                   125 lbs                 128 lbs              130 lbs            132 lbs

                 PONIES             ages       11&12                 145lbs                  148 lbs              150 lbs            152 lbs            

                 SENIORS          ages       13&14                173 lbs                 176 lbs              178 lbs             180 lbs


All Divisions

The time limit for each period and the ball to be used for each division is defined below:

       Peanut                      15 minute running                     PEE WEE

       Pee-Wee                   10 minutes                               PEE WEE

       Midget                       10 minutes                               PEE WEE

       Pony                          12 minutes                              JUNIOR    (TDJ)

       Senior                        12 minutes                               YOUTH     (TDY)

Is it full contact and is it safe?

Yes, it is full contact, but there are many rules in ALL divisions for safety reasons. There are NO punt or kickoff returns until Midgets Division. The Wildcats provide top line football equipment for maximum protection and the players are all taught how to play safely.

Can my son play on a specific team?

There are NO guarantees that players will be together AT ANY LEVEL. Requests can be noted on the registration form, but the likelihood of this occurring is remote at best. Siblings will be kept together if requested. (If only one year separate the siblings)

Do I need to provide any equipment?

All you need to bring are: cleats (non metal) preferred, or sneakers; athletic supporter/cup; mouthpiece, pants, socks. ALL players/parents/guardians are RESPONSIBLE for their equipment throughout the season. Failure to return equipment on the specified equipment return nights will result in a $350 charge.     PLEASE take care of and return your equipment!

Will my son play even if he's just a beginner?

YES! The Malverne Wildcats pride themselves in giving EVERY boy or girl the opportunity to play in EVERY GAME. We are about giving every boy or girl who shows up and works at it, the opportunity to play! Some positions require certain special skills and play knowledge. Weight restrictions will come into play as well when positions are assigned.

Does football conflict with soccer or baseball?

Yes. Fall baseball and soccer is played on Saturday and Sundays - SO IS FOOTBALL! There will inevitably be conflicts when boys try to play football and another sport. Practices are just as important if not more so than attending games. As in any team or sport it is important to make every practice.

Missing practices and games can affect playing time and player position.

Can my son play Middle School football as well?

Yes, but understand that it is a major commitment to do so. The Middle School usually practices 4-5 nights a week and plays a game per week. If this is the case please speak with the Head Coach there will be NO penalty for participating in both.

Can we get a refund if my child does not like the sport?

There are NO REFUNDS! 

Will there be facilities at the games?

Yes, we request that the restrooms are open on Sundays. On game days we also operate a concession stand, with the usual assortment of refreshments and tasty morsels! Also available will be Malverne Wildcats  apparel shirts, hats, etc!

Are there any scores and write ups about each game? (NEW)

Game recaps are posted each week under each team's home page by the individual team. If you notice that game recaps are NOT being submitted, please contact your head coach and volunteer to help! NOTE: All recaps are reviewed and edited by the league.

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